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What is this ??? One says CDI Box another mechanic says it's an Actuator box . On my 2004 Arctic cat 650 Vtwin. No spark. This box is located under the seat right beside the ECU.
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Thank you ! I ordered one from a used parts place -- I couldn't find new anywhere-- the guy sent me an ECU and said this CDI was actually a Actuator box and not a CDI , so I couldn't refund it or exchange it. The mechanic I had here put his finger in the box still in my bike and said this is what I need , it's a CDI.
So, I guess I'm back to square one, searching for my part.
Thank you , I appreciate the help.
doorfx I tried, he argued and argued and argued. Apparently he's right and the world is wrong so I gave up on him and lose my $ 190.00. Im pretty much back to square one. I'm waiting to hear back from another mechanic today. I'd like to get someone who actually knows wth they're doing , to put a meter on it and test things before ordering parts I might not need.
I really appreciate the help here, thanks.
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Thanks, I tried a known good CDI, and no spark. What next ?
Pickup coil or the two coils on the frame ?
Ok, guess I better go buy a tester.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts