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Ok so here's what I want.....Bottom end. I want my arms to come off haha, I have an 04 F6 Sno Pro, I don't know what the current gearing set up is. I am buying a Black Magic Heart Throb clutch kit, I need to know what type of gear to purchase to get the most out of this. Do I also need to purchase a chain? I need technical names for these parts and their sizes. I don't mind sacrificing top end at all. So, What else do I need to change in order to get the most out of this kit..and haha what are the technical names and sizes of these parts, It's a carbed machine not EFI. I need someone with experience and knowledge to advise me as to my next step once i buy this kit. Also By changing this will I need to change my belt deflection at all? How should I go about that? Thank you for any help anyone can give me, It's greatly appreciated. Any other suggestions to gain bottom end would be appreciated as well....

Andrew Emberley
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