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Your plunger should come right out. I struggled with a 440 just like what you are going through. 21 pulls to start it some times.

The plunger was so gummed up with green varnish that it would not move up and uncover the choke port. Therefore just like you, I had no choke.

In my case the fella before me lengthed the choke cable so you thought the plunger was actually moving.

Wrong, when you moved the choke lever you only took up the slack in the cable (in my case).

Take the carb off the machine, choke cable and all attached (you will need to remove the choke control from the machine).

Loosen the brass nut that holds the choke plunger in the carb. Plull it out as far as you can. With a flashlight look down the bore of the choke circut in the carb, you will see a small brass plunger which the choke cable attaches to.

Take a small flat head screwdriver and fit it into the slot on the top of the plunger and twist side to side.

Then plunger will break free of the varnish and pop out. Use some carb cleaner and clean the plunger and circuit.

Reinstall the plunger\spring. Reinstall on to the machine. Set your choke cable tension and away you go.

And yes, your choke plunger should come out very easily. There is no force needed in removing a properly working choke plunger from its bore.

Hope this helps.

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