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I am pretty much distrustful to most people (the ones who take advantage of you and not think twice about it).

If I had crappy cylinders in a sled I needed to get rid of (pretending im that fuking guy), I would probably fill the cylinders with some oil to line the walls and show compression to the buyer first. That would probably help raise and even out the compression readings. I am saying all this ridiculous stuff because I may look at a ZRT800 today and the guy wants to prove his compression is spectacular on this sled with 5500 miles. I even asked him if he changed the pistons (thats normal right?), he seemed almost offended by that.

Is it probably best to check compression after the engine has run to remove any skewers?

Off topic question: How often can these ZRT800s (98') run to 5500 miles with out going through the engine?
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