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Chain case compatibility

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Hi everyone. I’ve been searching and coming up with mixed answers. Long story short will a chain case from a 91 Pantera 440 with reverse fit my 95 z440? I found on for a good price but if it won’t fit….
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It will bolt into your chassis. However. I am betting (guessing) your Z has hydraulic brakes. The Pantera does not and the caliper will not bolt on to the case, making the case's different.
However, the guts from the reverse case will fit into your z case, just check the end of the bottom drive shaft that holds the bottom gear. Sometimes it is easier to swap the drive shaft if necessary. The outer cover with the shift lefer will bolt on. Modify shift handle to taste.
xrjak is correct.
need to see what style brakes on both machines. we have 1998 440 nonwet brakes reverse if interested, mostly complete
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