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Well I made it. With the early season problems and panics with the 1000's I have to say I'm finally satisfied with mine. I started the preseason out worried about the engine blowing and the tunnel bending (put Kroms tunnel supports on). I broke it in harder than what Cat recomends, put her up to 118mph with only 10 miles on it and several others runs in excess of 110mph. Blew a belt with only 225 miles on it and I think that cracked my reverse actuater, reverse beeper stayed on and the service engine light came on. Had to play with the reverse button and it would work OK. I also had my low oil light flicker with a full tank of oil. Both and ONLY 2 PROBLEMS were covered under warrenty. The belt breaking I blame myself for going 118 with 10 miles, my current belt I stayed under 50mph for around 75-100 miles. I now have 475 miles on the current belt and it looks good.

As far as performance she pulls like a freight train, spanked some F7's and ProX's. I also own a 06 Fusion 600HO which is piped and I have the SLP air horn kit on it. From a standing start my XFire spanks the **** out of it. I had a 03 Polaris 800XC and the 600 Fusion would stay with the 800 till around 70-80mph then the 800 would start pulling away. This XFire is gone from the start. As far as jumping I've done everything I put my 800XC and 600HO through with NO BENT tunnel.

I did do a little off trail in the UP the last 4 days and that 136 track is awsome in the virgin powder. Didn't get stuck once, as for my Fusion I had to go back and help get my son out, he got buried.

My next step is to install my Boondocker (which I just got done doing) put on my D&D Y-Pipe, install my Bullseyes, and my BMP Stealth Pipe. Before I install and set up all that I'm going to take some temp. readings at 3000, 5000, 6500, 7250, 7500, and 7850rpms so I can watch my temps on my SLP Dual Channel EGT I've had installed since I've had 10 miles on it in an effort to fine tune the Boondocker, base line #'s I got from D&D Racing's web site.

The only thing that really bothers me about this sled is the orange gets really dirty and is very difficult to clean LOL.
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