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After putting a new comet 108exp on my wifes 2000 ZR600 last year the motor blew. Gonna cost 5 bills at least to rebuild it so probably gonna junk the sled. The boy has an '88 Polaris 488 fan so I figured I would just by the correct weights and spring for his sled and just put it on his Polaris but Comet tells me the clutches won't line up. Says the Comet Cat clutch and Comet Polaris clutch are offset differently on the crank about a 1/4".

Is he right? I know back in the day the best upgrade was to put the P85 on the cats and I dont recall hearing of any alignment issues. Maybe I'm forgetting something in my old age?


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P-85 on a cat

I put a P-85 on my 2010 HCR. The P-85 I got came with its own alignment bar. I do not remember the numbers but the P-85 on a cat definably has its own offset.
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