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2004 Arctic Cat 400
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@Arcticatgirl If you do a search for threads I've written I've created a few solid writeups for maintaining that carburetor on here. if you read them through thoroughly and buy a new "Float Valve Set", clean the carb and replace the float valve all your problems should go away.

As Doorfx said, take alot of pictures, lay a rag/towel down on work area to limit things from going away. reference a parts fiche, and read the guides I've written. USE ALOT OF WEIGHT WHEN LOOSENING THE BOWL SCREWS AND TOP SCREWS, they are X (JIS#2 or P2) Screws, they strip EASILY, if you strip one DON'T PANIC, COME HERE AND ASK FOR HELP BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING.

I believe I cover that in one of my writeups.

I hope you didn't spend a fortune on that new carb, and good luck you aren't in this alone, there is always help here.
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