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Ok so I finally broke down and installed my engine abck into my old aws3 chassis and with the engine I have in there now it is an engine out of a 95 ZR580. It has pretty much everything the same... Save the carbs. They are VM40 where the old ones that came stock on my EXT are VM38. what kind of gain might I get with the 40 taking into consideration that I live around the 6000 ft mark and ride at 8000 or more. Would I be better to stick with the old carbs and just rejet the thing all the time? Is there anywhere I can get a jet "kit" that has a bunch of jets? My manual says something about changing the pilot jet too... I am not sure how this is done. This motor and carbs (40's) were sea level set up so I don't know if the gains are worth the pains here. Love to have the 40's with some Black Magic pipes... But the pipes aren't easy to come by anymore for the 580. And then to top it all off the airbox doesn't line up the same so I will have to fab something up or make something work somehow... I do have the airbox from my ZR, but I didn't realize how different the AWS3 and AWS4 chassis were different. I am open to any and all suggestions.

Just bare in mind before you flame my old dog that this is obviously an older sled I know and not worth much money(you should see what it looks like...). I have a 97 powder extreme with no drivetrain at all (motor, cdi, coil, clutches, carbs, and some other stuff missing) but without a sled to swap parts out of I really don't have the money to make that one work right now so I will work with what I have.

Thanks for any help
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