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C0064 tilt sensor error

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Hi all,
I have a 2016 EFI 500. When I turn the key to on I get random results. Sometimes nothing, sometimes a clicking from the fuel pump and screen flickering with the click followed by error C0064. A couple times the fuel pump spun up fine, screen normal but still C0064 error.

Battery tests as 12.8 volts
Power at the tilt sensor is 11.8 and 0.02. Service guide says should be 0.2

Ecm has been unplugged, confirmed nice and clean and reconnected... no change.

I am thinking the ECM is gone but rather expensive on a guess. Any further tests I can run to confirm the issue? Could it be the fuel pump?

Please help
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Clarification..... the volts mentioned are in the harness while disconnected from the tilt sensor. I think that is how the service guide is telling me to measure
One more clue..... when the screen is on and error displayed, if I touch the brake lever there is an immediate click and all power is cut.
Get your battery load tested to start. 12.8 volts means nothing.
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