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Alright everyone, I have been having a problem with it bogging down when it gets warmed up. I just found a wire that is hanging there around the stator. It is a black wire that is a little heavier duty than the rest. I ohmed it out to the wires that come off the negative post of the battery. Where is it suppose to go? Any ideas? I also found some corrosion on the three prong connector coming off the stator, especially on the green wire. I imagine that might help.

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I'm not familar with 93 wildcats,

What I have is 2, four wire connectors coming off the stator. One plugs into the CDI and the other plugs into the chassis wiring harness.

This wire that is just hanging, can you see where it goes to? You said you ohmed it out to ground so I'm assuming the other half is connected to the chassis somewhere.

Could it be, your 3 wire connector is really suppose to be 4 and this is the missing one?

There is also usually a ground wire that goes from the chassis to the engine, usually from the muffler box to the recoil housing area.

Mine has 3 ground wires in total, one goes to the CDI, one goes to the Stator connector and the 3rd goes to the muffler box mounting bolt. Not sure if this helps at all. Good Luck!
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