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My dealer just took delivery today of about 10 new belts, 0627-020. I bought one as my current 020 has about 1500miles on it. My concern is this;

1) new belt has a width of 32mm ( I checked all 10 of them) spec sheet that came with the sled (05 Sabercat 600 ext) calls for anywhere between 34-36mm (1 11/32-1 13/32)?
2) My old belt is actually wider than the brand new belt. The new belt sits level with the secondary NOT above.
3) I can actually spin the belt while in the clutch.

My dealer says "who knows" they are mass produced mistakes happen...Nice answer eh!

Can any other dealer or ODS DAN answer this question. What else is compatible or am I simply going to have to remove a washer between the sheaves?

Check yours and let us know.....
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