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The Pulaski-Boylston Pisten Bully groomed all the Boylston trails Tuesday...Bice, Bargy, Tucker, McKibben, Blount Mills, and the two trails through the woods. Also groomed as far west as Rt 22 in Sandy Creek. Early in the morning the area got about 2-3 inches of new late afternoon it was clear skies and sunny.

After grooming with Geno I rode 85 miles 4 other guys. Winona to Barnes Corners to Montague and back to Winona. All the trails are groomed and excellent. Saw the BC Sno Pals Pisten Bully at the Montague Inn. Plowed section of SRR is toast. SRR and Little John unplowed sections were groomed and in good shape.

The Pisten Bully will be going out again tomorrow night in the Boylston area

Photo of Blount Mills Road at the intersection of Bice Road


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