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I once ran 1/2 tank of octane boost and 87 octane Ammoco (the other 1/2 tank was Ammoco 93) in my 1999 Sno-Pro (92 only sled) and it ran poorly (lacked power). I wouldn't take it over part throttle until I could get better fuel. When I found better fuel, I siphoned off the remainder of the 87 octane boost into my brothers gas hog ZRT600 and filled up with premium 93 Ammoco, the sled ran a bunch better, and I really mean it, like somebody added a turbocharger. Since the ZR 440 Sno-Pro gets great mileage, I don't really have to worry that much. I suppose the octane boost may help supress detonation (detonation puts holes in your pistons) but I'd not rely on it for steady "poundings" as it will kill your engine. Have you considered a "buddy tank" for additional fuel?

PS. The ZRT600 seemed to run better on the 93 Ammoco as well. I think the 87 has oxygenates in it (alcohol/MTBE/etc.). 93 is all we run anymore in all of our sleds.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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