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first off hello to all that attemts to help me out


100% working 1973 arctic cat cheetah 440 orginal everything no rips or marks on the outside however on the inside i have a Y pipe for the exhaust that it broken completly off this gave me the idea of putting on twin pipes instead to gain a tinny bit more power after all you can never have enough right? from there a friend said you should get a turbo or something for it then that got me thinking is it even possible to have a turbo on a old 73 440, and last but not least i know that they have flame throwers for cars and was wondering if that could be a possible addon to a twin pipe exhaust i myself am not a sled head just a rider for fun so i have really no idea if its possible at all and if it is where to start thats why i decided to ask you guys the PROS out there for some help,

1. so is there a known twin pipe that will fit a 73 cheetah 440 instead of a single pipe that i have
2. also wondering if there is a turbo from something that you could somehow migrate/use on a old 73 440 cheetah
3. if there is a known way to add flamethrowers on a sled as there is to a car?

i no all this may sound kinda crazy for a old 440 but i have always wanted to make something crazy that know one else has and this listed above my freind i have never ever seen on a sled before
thanks for all who can help me and hi to those like myself that can't :)

cheers all
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