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I posted this in the Racing Forum with no replies,so I thought I would try posting in this forum. I was wondering if anyone has ever had good results with running this kit on a carb model. What were jetting specs? Main jet/Pilot Jet or Neddle jet changes?? Did the stock airbox provide sufficent air flow or would changes have to be made(removing self /adding Power Breather)? I was told that this setup would get 13 to 16 MPG on EFI sleds,but how about on a Carb Model. Could a Tempa flow be run on this kit to help with setting up jetting. Anyone ever run the Tempa Flow on this kit? and what results? Would these kits need to run aftermarket Reeds such as Boyeseen Rad Valves or V-Force.

What about Clutching?? Has anyone had good results with clutching this kit(anyone want to share some Info), I know D&D makes a clutch kit for this,but I was told by many people that this kit does not work very well (Don`t know,Just what I was told by guys that tried it) What should be expected for Top speed running a 1 1/4 track. These are some questions I need answered before i seriously concider buying this kit.

Would appreciate any info,Thanks[/b]
I would save your money and get a bigger sled instead. Used sleds are pretty cheap and for all the hassles that come with a big bore you would be better of to just get a new sled. Unless you don't mind spending all next season constantly messing around with jetting and clutching trying to get it dialed in.

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