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Like everyone I am looking for the best snowmobile helmet.
I ride groomed trails at temps between 10 degrees to mostly below zero.
I have a Castle helmet with a electric shield now.

Oxygen helmets have been recommended but I'm concerned about not having a heated shield.
Can they really be as fog free as a heated shield?

Others recommended are Castle 950X or CKX Mission.
Thanks for any insight provided!
Think Snow!

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like all topic's that ask for the BEST
they are unanswerable questions
as a lot comes down to what YOU like, or I like and so on
so what I might think is best , might not be liked by you at all!
typically price tags reflect quality and materials helmets are made out of(they also have mark up for being the latest style and graphic's too)
that said,
helmets are a very personal item
some like MX style , some like full face, some like modular
weight also starts to be a deciding factor to many, then you have the goggle (heated goggles now are out there) over a shield,
and then the non heated shield over heated shield

so, again, BEST
is a loaded question!

personally for ME< I like modular helmets with heated shields
but I do dis like there weight and many have rather drafty/noise issue's!

I had a castle 950, over all liked it, but disliked how the ice would build up on the latch, and well, it was a rather heavy helmet, and well the price wasn't all that fun to dish out, but this ain't a cheap sport so?/

SO< picking a helmet is a personal thing, and every OEM that makes them has a TOP dog in there fleet
from there , BUY what fits you best and you LIKE!

odds are that will be the helmet you like BEST!!!
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