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Barn find shake out check out after 10 years idle.

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Finely got the 1996 bear cat 550 with 1900 miles out on the snow I bought it last spring and this was the first time on the snow. Prior to taking it out I went thru a checked and replaced the pugs, oil, Gas, greased everything. ran it on the stand everything worked as expected .Then I took it to the lake and it started on the third pull with choke on after warming up choke off it ran little rough at idle and will quit after 4 minuets of idle I'm thinking its just a carb adjustment or rebuild. I was pulling two ice fishing sled with one person each in the sleds on the flat lake snow but when i gave it throttle it would jump after hitting 4 to 10 miles per hour the jump was intermittent not consistent so i know it not in the hard drive train chain or gears. I'm thinking it is the belt that has been sitting on the machine while it sat in heated garage for nearly 10 years not moving. Any ideas or past experiences? Also i noticed it did not steer well on the packed snow like the skies were not making good contact they seamed a little higher off the ground than any of my other snowmobiles.
Note everything on this machine is still stock except the clutch that was changed to give it more lower end power.. also the starter motor was removed.
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If you didn’t do it yet, clean the carbs thoroughly. Check the pilot jet to make sure all openings are clear.
Clutches may be sticking after sitting for a while. It may or may not clear up.
as far as steering, these long tracks are not the greatest for turning sharp. It’s worsened immensely if there’s too much pressure on the front skid shock.
You can adjust front ski shocks for more tension and loosen front skid shock to take pressure of front of track. Do one or the other, not both at once. Usually the skid one is adjusted first. Adjust it so it’s just loose, then tighten about 1/2 turn. Check each time after any adjustment.
Are your plugs black and wet after you let it idle? Run NGK BR9EYA plugs as they are less prone to fouling. You probably have BR9ES in there now. Idling that long is warm is not ideal. Make sure oil pump is in sync with idle and full throttle. When you can, check oil usage. My 93 Pantera 550 smoked like crazy when cold but did not use excess oil. Warm it did not smoke a lot. Check your pilot air screw. It should be about 1 to 1 1/4 turns out.
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