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I saw on CNBC yesterday that Polaris sales are down 50% since '01. They said that some dealers refused to sell sleds and others returned their inventory at the beginning of the season when it did'nt snow. Some guy from the company said they were looking at reducing the number of models and making other sleds on an order only basis.[/b]
As much as I don't really like rumours to begin with, there's a very disturbing one I was told of recently.

It goes something like this: Polaris has plans to phase out sled production. In 3 years, there will not be a 2010 Polaris sled line-up.

Its troubling, because if the rumour really is part of their long term planning, the sled business will change as we know it. Which manufacturer is next? The question will pop up in our minds... 'Can your favourite brand end up dropping sled production too?'

I know the dealers of all brands in our area are hurting due to lack of snow. This is a trend that started roughly 10 years ago, and every year it seems to get just a little bit worse than the year before. Sled sales are diminishing here, not increasing. It's a slow incremental process.

You may have lots of snow where you sled... But for the manufacturer to be profitable, overall sled business depends on snow in all the traditional areas.
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