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we had are race!! there were a feew machines. 600 cc there was a blizzard and a iq the iq won
700cc there was me with the xfire a tony stewart with 3 degree timing and clutch kit, 1.375 track.
the other was a sno pro with reprogrammed ecu and a pac system. the other was a sno pro also with just a pac system in it. in 800cc the blizzard took as all just could'nt catch him. tony steward won in 700 class. it was all a very close though. we could'nt tell when we had 4 lanes so we did 2 at a time. this is all stock form racing though. the cross fire did'nt have the top end it needed or maybe the racetrack was a bit too long. evey time the crossfire had the hole shot and the firecats would get me at the end. it was all in fun
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