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anyone wanna get a group together and do a poker run or do a trip some where.
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If there's space on a trailer or in the DSM area, I'd be interested.
ive got a 2plce, but my 4 popper tacoma isnt a fan of pulling 2 sleds, can we say gutless?

as far as location i really dont care, north south whatever is good.
Snow Pioneers Snowmobile club is having a poker run on Saterday Feb. 2 It will start in just south of Manchester and will be about a 100 mille loop. If anyone is interested let me know and i can get you directions
I'm probably going out Saturday morning, but I'm planning on staying local.

Planning on riding up 65/330 to Rhodes from Bondurant, riding the trail from Rhodes to Big Creek and back. The trail seemed to be in good shape from Maxwell to Cambridge last night. A little drifted in spots, but I'm sure the stretch from Collins to Maxwell is worse.

I haven't been much west of Cambridge yet, so I'll try to check that out before we lose too much snow. Anything I need to know about getting south to Big Creek/Polk City?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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