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Why would tire problems be a arctic cat problem? I have logged many hundreds of miles with no flats, but I like 90% of all atv owners Crap can the sorry stock tires right off the bat. I replace with ITP mudlites and 589s 6 ply, never had a problem. To have so many flats you must ride in very rough areas, the use of stronger tires would solve your problems.[/b]
I somewhat agree that the tires & wheels aren't cats problem, not covered by warrenty. That being said there are alot of people out their that believe the stock tires are great and that they shouldn't have to spend the extra money on aftermarket tires on a brand new ATV.

wolfeman5 when you say you are keep getting flats, is that from puntures or air leak through the bead or valve stem? Basically IMO your issue is with the dealer and not cat as the tires aren't a warrenty item. if you are getting puntures then that is somewhat a common issue with any manufacturer that uses cheap thin tires. Though if its leaking air out of the bead area then have the tire separated form the bead and clean the tire and wheel up real good and reinstall the tire. Let it sit for a day or two with the high air PSI in it as well.

Good Luck with your problem, but I dont think you will make it far by getting a lawyer involved in a tire related issue.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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