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If that was the case then FORD would not have paid out millions of dollars because of the firestone tires on the explorer.[/b]

I'm not too sure about that as I had a Ranger that I bought new and the tires were often flat in the mornings after just driving city streets and highways. I took the truck back and asked them repeatedly to fix them and I was told that the tires were in no way a Ford problem. I ended up getting new tires after just a couple months because I couldn't rely on the stockers. Anyway, I say count your blessings if AC did the work twice because I've never seen a manufacturer back up their tires before. Can't wait to get new ones on mine, they're always losing air. bang your head My only real AC complaint, wish they'd stuck with the Titan 489's, Dad's never had a problem with his.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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