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Sorry to hear of you plight.
My understanding is that the dealer is your single point of contact for customers service. AC will not respond to buyers, only dealers. I'm not saying this is good, but that's the process.
Too me it would seem that your dealer has dropped the ball big time. They must pressure AC for a solution. The ECU re-flash notice has been out for over a week. Has your's been done? If not, why not?
If yes, why hasn't the dealer completed the neccesary repairs and returned your sled?
I'm sure there is a disconnect between your dealer and AC. This could be the responibility of AC's area rep.
We sure have seen plenty of dealerships dropping/losing AC over the past few years. My understanding is that they are fed up with AC's quality and the poor labour rate/time allowance paid for them to make the many necessary updates.
Not sure how Poo and Yamy are but it seems Doo is also hard to deal with. They will not even admit their flaws.
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