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I think I would be checking the fuel system over. Flush out the gas thank to make sure there's no junk in there. Make sure that your tank vent line is clear. Check your shut of valve to make sure it's clear and the gaskets / o-rings haven't deteriorated.
It would also be a good idea to change the fuel lines as the unleaded gas shortens their life. Your should also pull the carb apart and make sure there is no junk anywhere in there that may be moving around and blocking stuff up.
It's a good idea to periodically run some Seafoam carb cleaner through it.
I would also be putting an in line fuel filter between the shut off valve and the carb to keep any stuff out of the carb in future.
You may also have a coil issue. When the bike dies, have a spare spark plug handy. As soon as it dies, pull the plug lead and put the spare plug in the lead, ground the plug body and see if you have spark. Coils sometimes fail when hot and work again when cooled off.

Good luck with it.
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