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So the PZ19 looked like it would be more work than I wanted to do to use that carb and I went searching.

I found one for a Honda lawnmower, a GCV160 carb that has very similar dimensions and looked like it would be a direct replacement. It is very close to that. I had to do the following modifications:

- File out the mounting holes to match the original ones
- Shave down the plastic spacer as the new carb is longer and nuts would not get enough thread secure it. (even with that I had to leave the studs not fully screwed in.)
- New carb throttle lever on wrong side so throttle works backwards so have to cut off original carb lever and weld it on to new carb lever.
- Trim down the choke lever so it doesn't hit the intake tube, also shave down the inside of the intake tube and add extra gasket to gain spacing.
- Need a small part to allow connecting the choke cable to the choke lever.

I think thats, its all shown in this short video.

~ Phil
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