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I'm working on putting together a list of mods/accessories that I want to do to my new 550 and had a question on skidplates. Digging through some old threads I found a reference to Aluminum Products skidplates.

I'm liking not only their belly skid plate but their bash plate as well. I'm most likely going to get the AC brushguard so I'm thinking I'll need to go with the deluxe bumper option.

Bash plate - stock bumper -

Bash plate - deluxe bumper -

My question - it looks like the aluminum skid from Arctic Cat fits 400-700 models with a few exceptions. The Aluminum Products parts say they fit the 650H1 - I'm making the assumption that they will fit my 550 as well since AC's fit a spread of bikes? Guessing they used the same frame on a number of models.

Is that assumption safe? I dunno
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