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The instructions in the manual only mention the screw throttle to control speed. But even that only allows up to 22km/h (13mph). Pretty pathetic.

It is clearly a Kymco unit and according to the below link there are 3 things that limit speed.

DE-RESTRICTION INSTRUCTIONS FOR KYMCO 50cc and 90cc ATVs - Motorsport Parts, Equipment & Racing Tournaments (

It's winter here so I don't want to remove the spacer in the CVT just yet, but I want to get rid of that rev limiter, it sounds bad and is annoying.
According the the link above there is a wire to cut for the rev limiter, my wires aren't exactly as pictured above, I cut the one I thought it was but that just made the ATV no longer start hehe.

Anyone know how to get rid of that pesky rev limiter?

Here is my box, and wires. I tried looking on the arctic cat site with the service manuals (forget the name) for a wiring diagram but I couldn't find info on the wires.
I ended up cutting the blue\yellow wire with the orange input with no success.


Dealer says there is no other way to adjust the speed so they are no help.

Thanks everyone
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