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Last Monday and Tuesday I rode about 300 miles in northern Michigan. There was about 6 inches of snow over an ice base (for the most part). The trails were pretty flat and 80% of what we saw was fresh snow with no tracks. Aside from melting down my carbides (driving down the side of roads) the machine ran and handled great.

I was riding with my buddy who has a 2005 F7 SnoPro. He used to loose me in the bumps and turns and I would beat myself up pretty bad on my 98' T-cat to hang with him in the tight trails. But this time it was nearly the opposite. I was just cruising along and he was getting tired.

I tried to pin it a couple of times to see what it would do (Keep in mind that I also lengthened my track to a 136" with a 1.25 predator).
Holy crap does that thing hook up! :thumbsup:
The rear squats and digs and the front end lifts way up but doesn't seem to leave the ground. Of course I couldn't really tell because I was holding on for my life but if the skis did come off the ground it wasn't for long because I could still steer.
Before the mod if I did that the front end would come at least 6" off the ground and I would always have to let off the throttle to gain control. It would also lift in the corners so I could never stay on the gas. But now it is very controlable and predictable.

The whole machine just floats down the trail like your riding on air but sticks nice and tight in the corners and launches like a cruise missle.

If your thinking about doing this mod.............. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!! :super_happy:

To Coin a phrase from the movie "Cars"

"Float like a Cadillac and sting like a Beamer".

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Are you a stand-up rider?

The way that front end still steers while weight transfer throws back the weight of the entire sled onto the track helping to keep it from spinning & losing traction, you can stay on the throttle longer & more often than if you had less front travel.

What did your buddy think about it?

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