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I'm looking for a cover for my new crossfire. I don't have any interest in paying for an Arctic Cat cover, especially considering that all of my friends have had theirs fade and tear within 1-2 years of use. I'm on year #5 of my $30 generic cover that I bought from the Sportsman's Guide, but the elastic has finally bit the dust and I don't like that the cover attaches with 4 metal hooks. I don't want to scratch my new crossfire, so I want something that fits with either just a snug elastic, or some kind of clips that won't scratch and are easy to remove. I don't trailer my sled, but I store it outside all winter, so I need something that will protect it from the snow and can withstand the wind.

I'd really like to stay under $70-75 if possible. Any suggestions?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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