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I was reading the post by tcat446 on page 3 about his Pantera 1000 smoking alot. Well my 95 ZR 580efi smokes like a freight train. When you first start it up it really smokes until it warms up, then it lets up somewhat. Of course there is so much efi crap you can't see where the cable mounts on the pump or the timing marks. Too lazy to remove throttle bodies at this point to get a better view. I know these marks are just a reference point. I guess my question(s) are:
-- Should the injector cable begin to operate the pump exactly when you first squeeze the throttle?
-- Or should the injector cable start to move about 1/8 to 1/4 throttle??
-- I assume you adjust cable to the "timing marks " with the throttle in the wide open position?
Let the sled run about 15 minutes today, checked plugs and they are a little wet, little black and oily. NGK BR9ES, gapped .028 as per manual. Makes me think sled is getting to much oil. I am guessing to get an accurate plug reading the sled needs to be taken on a good run. Of course we have no snow. .

The more I read tcat466's post the more I think about it. Please someone steer me in the right direction. My Cat manual does not cover adjusting the oil pump.
Thanks for the help and a great site.
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