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Look at aftermarket before you make any purchases (prices and options). I bought the rear seat, foot pegs, forked grips and deluxe scabbard when I bought the bike. If the trails you plan on running will let you leave the deluxe scabard on all the time then get it. I could have done with just the forked grips because if the weather is good I leave the gun in there. The gun scabbard is in the way and most times it is easisest to just strap a hard gun case onto the rack if its a long trip or the weather is bad. This is just my opinion but I could live without it and have thought about selling the whole scabbard set up. I find the rear passenger seat is great for storage when I have it on but most times I just carry a large nylon knapsack with everything I need and 50 feet of rope tied onto the back bumper. One of the best investments I have made was an 18 x 36 inch cargo net with hooks that cost about $20.00. It holds the knapsack on and anything else I pick up or take with me for a ride. I have even used it to strap a deer to the front rack and it worked fine.
I don't have any pics with the gun scabbard on but it sticks about a foot out the right side of my bike. (no pics because its only been on the bike for about 6 times in the last 2 years.)




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