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You will be happy with the 400 if your not expecting a ton. it is a very capable ATV just not extremely powerful or fast. I am suprised every time I ride it what this machine is capable of. The 500 is not that much more, if you can swing it get it. Otherwise set aside $250 for new tires and at least 100-120 for a winch (i have Mile Marker from costco). I got the dealer to include a plow for about $200 with mine. I paid 5900 for the atv, the plow and a AC helmet (I love the helmet). Dealer was asking 5950 for the machine when I started. None of the local dealers would beat that but I am in Montana and there doesn't seem to be a lot of competition. Most dealers will not reduce less than 200 of list price. Yamaha in particular.

Good luck, you will be happy with watever you buy. Almost all of the machines I rode were fun and plenty powerful (Suk (engine supplier for AC 400 and 500), Yam, AC, Honda (didn't like at all), Kawi)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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