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A look at some of the components used to build the SVX

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This info is all from camso (the latest name for camoplast)


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  • A Single rail suspension, allow to lean the track freely vs entire bike. Maintain ride stability on hard and uneven surface
  • B Gas shock absorber combined with torsion spring. Great absorption capacity to maintain smooth ride in conjunction with suspension freedom to optimize performance
  • C Integrated transfer slot on the suspension rail. Lightweight

  • D Optimum front pivot point location Better vehicle integration maintaining overall riding dynamics closer than wheel vehicle

  • A Center push tensioner Easy track adjustment, no alignment required.
  • B Lightweight Polymer blow mold base with steel reinforcements Absorb impact, lightweight component improve overall handling and performance
  • C Tapered wheel support Constant transition when leaning for natural bike riding feeling
  • D T-slot type hyfax Easy maintenance. Can be changed without taking suspension out.

  • A Dual chain tensioner Lightweight design allowing to perform primary and secondary chain adjustment individually Wider range of adjustment vs potential ratio change.
  • B 520 O-ring Regina TM narrow chain
  • C Oiled 3 bearing carrier
  • Dirt bike level quality Spline and hardened sprocket Long durability. Interchangeable sprocket to play with ratio for customer. Availability in 3 sprockets sizes (15-17-19 teeth)


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  • A Inboard double piston radial brake caliper Quick and Compact braking power.
  • B Compact design 150mm brake disk, Inside track aggressive contour Efficient brake in all condition. Ice build up resistant.

  • B Dual 7T 2,86 pitch sprocket over hex shaft Simple, reliable and lightweight design.

  • A Integrated rear flap Keep snow in the tunnel to protect rider and lubricate the hi-fax.
  • B Back pack / accessories built-in anchor Easily bring and attach gear or gas needed for the ride


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  • A Angle side keel with replaceable blade Enhanced side hill capabilities and smooth leaning transition
  • B Dual aggressive carbide Easier steering more natural feeling
  • C Dual aggressive carbide More precise handling in technical riding condition and smooth leaning transition
  • D Oversized handle Safer ride with Ski climbing over lug Easy to grab when needed

  • A Lightweight Polymer front ski mount with calibrated torsion and flexion rigidity Protect the vehicle front fork under high impact.
  • B Ground level up and down pivot point Better stability easily climb over obstacle


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camso had a great display at the groomer workshop they can make any size track if there is enough demand for it the only thing i didnt like were the china bearings in the wheels i told them i wished they would at least use japan ones for long life usa for sure if possable
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