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Well I've finally upgraded from my 83 Yamaha Bravo 250! I just got a 2004 F5, and all I can say is WOW! I've only been out on it 3 times, and I'm scared to go above 55 (my old one barely broke 40), I'm afraid something is going to explode.
Anyway, I have been surfing the forums here (awesome by the way) and I have the following questions:
1) is there an air temp that is too hot or too cold to run the sled in? is it more prone to overheating when the outside temp is about freezing? (the bravo didn't run very well when it was warmer than -10C)
2) how long does the belt last under normal circumstances?
3) is it easy to install the 4th wheel kit? do you have to take the track off to do so?
4) how do you prepare the sled for storage, specifically fogging the engine?
5) any theft issues to worry about, are these easy to steal?
6) what do these sleds have a tendency to get stuck in... anything? the bravo does not like wet heavy snow!
7) anyone know what the gas millage is roughly?
8) any other recommendations or tips?
Thanks for any answers you can give.
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