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99 ZR 700: Tether???

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Did the 99 ZR 700 have a tether option from the factory? I have looked at a bunch of parts diagrams I do not see what I have on my new to me 99 zr700 console. Check out the attached image. Purple and brown wires run to that part, which are typically kill switch colors. What I don't understand is the 99 zr700 is an open ignition, so putting a tether in that part seems like it would kill the ignition (completing the circuit). Tracing the purple and brown wires it does look like it goes to the factory wiring harness, not something that someone spliced in.
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That is a plug for a heated shield.
Thanks, I did not expect that based on the wire colors going to that part. It's crazy I don't see it listed anywhere on any of the parts sites.
Does it use an RCA style jack? It would be cool to use it if I could but I don't know what cable end goes into it. Something like OEM Arctic Cat Helmet Electric Heated Shield Coil Cord 4202-922 AC19A-A73 | eBay
Arctic Cat offers a heated shield outlet kit part number 7639-041. It accepts an RCA plug. Costs about $30.00.
That is awesome, thank you for the information. I never expected to have a shield heater on this age of a sled 🙂
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