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I think Black Magic made the best twins for the 600 EFI. The twin pipes from a carb will be the same. The EFI chip remaps the fuel, there is no rev limiter on these sleds. If you are running twin pipes I would stay away from using a timing key - not worth the chance of a blown engine. I wasn't aware that a Boondocker could be used on the older EFI systems. I thought they were only for the newer models.

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Does anyone make twin pipes for the ZR600EFI? Can you use the carb model pipes on an EFI? If not, why not? I have a boondocker it that why, such a unit is needed to match the new pipes?

And what do the chips actually do? Do they raise the rev limit, or change the whole fuel map?

And a timing key advances timing...producing what effect?

Thanks in advance[/b]
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