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^ Where is the piston valve? I am planning on purchasing a 97 or 96 carb (97 if I can't find a 96) and putting all my jets and parts in. Something is wrong with mine that I cannot see.


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same ****, will work fine the assembly is pretty much the same might have differetn size jets or differetn swtitches but the carbs are the same.

So would I have to put my magnetic switch on there? My manual says do not take them off under any circumstances. There are also instructions for syncing them. Would I have to put my switch on the new carb, and sync it?


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theres no need to swap parts if you get a dset of carbs complete just clean em and put the right mains in em, but im a bit confused by the "somethings wirng with mine that i cannot see"
the carb switches i agree you shouldnt take am off, especially if you modified or removed the air box.
if you do remove them,make damn sure your kill switches work. i was doing 60 when i gassed my seld and it froze wide open, the disc brake doesnt even think about slowing it down at all, th eonly option you have at that point is to slam the kill switch but that initial feeling of the sled getting away from you with you still on it is enough to make you go buy some new undies, i bought a new pair last week after learning this the hard way

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