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I have a 95 Zr700. just bought it from the original owner. He said it was a good running machine and mechanically sound. It started when I picked it up but ran REAL rough. He sad it was bad gas and had been sitting.

I have cleaned out both carbs and replaced the fuel. Started in 1 pull after that. Soon as I gave it gas it bogged out so i played with the throttle and got it to catch but it kept on wanting to bog out so I flipped the choke on, again it caught and ran for abit but soon died.

Now it will not start at all. checked spark-ok, check and replaced plugs- getting fuel, and last just checked compression. left was 100 and right was 104. I am ording new pistons and rings.

Does anyone have ANY onsight on what might be happening here? Is it just the low compression?

Did I get get taken or is the pistons going to fix this?
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