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i just got my sleds running 4 the year. i took my 1995 ext 580 efi out this afternoon and it ran great but i was taking it easy to make sure everything was ok. on my final run across my lake to my house, i opened it up to full throttle. i got to about 80 mph at like 8000 RPMs and it immediately boged down and stalled while i was going 80. it started right up once i pulled it and it ran fine all the way back to my house, up a steep hill and then idled fine for a minute. i checked everything out and when i went to start it only kicked over and ran slow for about 10 seconds at a time and did little backfires like every second or so and then shut off. now it wont even start at all. one plug looked kinda gray and charred so i changed both for fresh ones and no change. please help. thanks. Ben
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