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My 94 Wildcat seems to not have any mid range at all I am thinking the EFI unit! What a 1st ride on this thing and what a day! started out going to a radar run but find my pull start rope had melted on the brake caliper which was sticking! Changed the rope no biggie played with the caliper seems like it is getting freed up some now but of course it was really really hard on the belt no biggie run it till it breaks i got a spare, all is good well it finally broke changed it with a used backup I had, all is great go to pull the sled over the spring in the recoil lets go, oh man okay i can fix this did it thismorning okay got it working now about five miles later the second belt breaks I was about 500 yards from the parking lot! thank god my skidoo was running super so I towed my heavy and I do mean damn heavy tank you ever try to trailer a damn widcat that is not under power just 2 guys? Well anyways gona rebuild the caliper,But I know I had seen someone that had efi box's for them for sale? anyone recall who that was? please if you have EFI box hanging around let me know pm me we can work out a price!
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