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I got this 92 wildcat as part of a "package deal". it was given to me as mechnical condition unknown, not used for 4 years. Thinking it would be a nice buddy sled, I started working on getting it running.
cleaned tank, new fuel lines filter and cleaned carb. got it to fire then die on starter fluid, and found out that my feul pumps wern't pumping. got rebuild kits and built those, then after putting it all back together i get no spark. plugs are new and tried a couple of sets, coil pack DOES work in my other sled, headlight shines when i pull it over so i'm not thinking anything to do with the stator.
I pulled apart the switch cowling to check the ign sw and the tether, and all the wires popped of the ign switch AND the hand/thumb warmer switch. Now i've got like 6 sets of wires, NOOOO idea wich two go to the ign switch, and still no spark.

Does anyone know what wire goes where, and if the ign switch needs to be opened or closed to work?

as an afterthought, the magnets inside the throttle slides came out when i was replacing the throttle cable can those go in backwards? like pos and neg polarity? how do i bypass the magnet switches on the carbs to see if thats my problem?

Any help at all would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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