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Easy procedure I use as a quick baseline carb adjustment.

Adjustment of idle screws (large brass screw with visible spring)
1) Reach down and put a finger on the carb slide
2) Back out (lefty loosey) the big brass idle screw most of the way.
3) Turn the screw in until you feel the slide just start to move (lightly seated)
4) Open the throttle and turn the screw in 1-1/2 turns
5) repeat for the other side.

Air screws small brass screw (apx 1/2 the diameter of idle screw)
1) Turn the screw in until it lightly seats.
2) Back it out 1-1/2 turns
3) repeat for the other carb.

Set your idle by adjusting both idle screws the same amount.

There are a few other fine tunning adjustments you can check with choke cables, throttle cable slack and carb slide sync if you want to go futher into it. Just ask.
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