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90cc gas/oil question

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I picked up a 2002 arctic cat 90cc 2 stroke yesterday. It's been sitting for a year and doesn't run right now. I plan on restoring the whole 4wheeler for my daughter. The guy I got it from said that instead of putting the 2 cycle oil in the oil tank, he pre-mixes his gas and oil and puts it straight in the gas tank. Like you do with a chainsaw or weedeater. He said its ran better like that. He don't use the oil tank at all. This is the first 2 stroke atv I've owned so I don't really know much about the gas/oil deal. Is it safe to do it like that?

Also, anyone know where I can find a service/repair manual for this atv? I can find 2002 manuals for all cc's except for a 90.
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I have a 50 2 stroke. I use the oil tank Seems to run fine, maybe a little smokey but it's a 2 stroke. Using a high quality oil helped a little with smoke/smell. It's going to need a carb cleaning and empty all the old gas out of the tank.

Kids will love it, nothing better than seeing that big smile on your kid's face as they buzz around.
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