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i have run my o5 kingcat since 05 same riding areas nevr touch my 370 mains , always have lots of wash. put a pipe on it this year so i checked my wash 2nd ride out and it was way lean , raised jets 4 sizes from the 370's i had with stock pipe , still next to no wash, this weekend i put it all back to stock,370 mains , little to no wash, jetted to 400 mag side and 390 on the other and checked wash again so little wash it's almost not there. i have always run this sled with 370's and had tons of wash plugs always dark brown to black , now they are grey to white.also noticed today that ,my idle would hang on decel and stay at 3000 rpm unless i chocked it, turned fuel screws up 1/2 turn and that solved it but then it was bulbbering in thing to note , this year i bgean running marked fuel 92 octane and things seemed to me to start running different , so todays fuel was what i have always burned 91 octane and i had drained the tank before todays ride.
i think maybe it's sucking air somewhere , but where? sled has 1300 miles on the odo.

any ideas anyone?

it just doens't make sense
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