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hi guys,
I just got a kitty cat from a co worker he messed with it, before hand. He changed float level not knowing what he was doing! I have worked of Mikuni carbs many o times on older sleds but always larger like 38mm.

I have carb off, holding it upside down. should the float be parallel to the bowl mounting surface? (where the bowl and carb meet, there is a gasket ring there)

I was unsure because of the jet that is coming out the side of the post that is there, I think it is the main fuel jet. but I have never seen a jet come out of the side before.

On all the other mikuni's I worked on the main fuel jet was always screwed into the bottom of the so called post.

also I found a engine break down diagram and it shows a gasket between the cylinder housing and the cap(where the plug screws into) I took this mine apart and there is none! the previous owner said it was never apart. Is it nesissary that i put a gasket there? or should I?
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