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700H1 with a little more punch

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It doesnt really need to go faster, but the midrange and up is kinda lacking compared to other makers. Nobody that I know of makes aftermarket engine parts, i.e bigger cam etc.. The engine has proven it's bullet proof and I'm sure it can handle more in the pony department.
I'm happy that the 2017 700 doesnt have that rattle box aluminum clutch cover. Sold my 09 700 recently and 1 potential buyer thought it had a rod knock and passed on it. What a noisy clutch that was.
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Fuel programmer?? I saw somewhere someone had put one on his Grizzly 700 and pulled the front tires off the ground three times in a row in one run down a field. It was less lift each time but still impressive.

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My 09 would lift the front tires from a dead stop so high that sometimes you had to let off. After it settle down, my 07 700's would pass it somewhat easily. Then all the quads evened out, but the 09 was in 3rd place. They all topped out about the same though. It's the mid range that is lacking. It isnt horrible, but our new 2017 Alterra 700 is a slug so far. I hope it "wakes up" soon.
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