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700 Owner's Speak Up

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I read the recent thread about the problems some people are having with there 650's and I am absolutely amazed at the problems they are having. I have owned 4 Wheel ATV's since 1985 and have never seen or heard of anything like they are experiencing.
I own a 700 and I do not jump it but I do ride it hard. It is equipped with 27 in mudlites.
My question is, how many of you folks who own a 700 have had problems with it? What were the problems.
The only thing I do not like about mine is the fuel gauge doesnt always read correctly.
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man mine is flashing EFI....... I took it in, and the error code doesn't save so who knows what it was......... I have read it is a possiblility the fan was on when i turned the key off........... I also am re-routing the exhuast breather for the belt to the front, wet belts annoy me big time......... Also I put a clutch kit in my wheeler, and am rather let down........ it really didn't change much in my opinion........... I got took i guess......... it is the speedwerx kit with black spring and some heavier weights????????
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