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700 Owner's Speak Up

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I read the recent thread about the problems some people are having with there 650's and I am absolutely amazed at the problems they are having. I have owned 4 Wheel ATV's since 1985 and have never seen or heard of anything like they are experiencing.
I own a 700 and I do not jump it but I do ride it hard. It is equipped with 27 in mudlites.
My question is, how many of you folks who own a 700 have had problems with it? What were the problems.
The only thing I do not like about mine is the fuel gauge doesnt always read correctly.
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I've had mine around a month and a half. I had to take it the dealer for a diode issue on the cooling fan that was causing the cooling fan not to run and overheating occurred. Had it back in two hours and was covered under warranty. I also had it at the dealer for a torn CV boot caused by a stick that got by the stick stoppers. Other than these two issues I have enjoyed the machine. It runs good and has plenty of power for me. I am 6'6" tall and weigh 320lbs. I can put it in low range and gun the throttle and is coming back with ease. There is no pulling on the handle bars or sitting on the rack to get it to wheelie in low.
I want to put bigger tires on it when the stock ones wear out. However, all the choices for tires is crazy and confusing. Probably go with ITP mudlites like the majority.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have.
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