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700 Owner's Speak Up

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I read the recent thread about the problems some people are having with there 650's and I am absolutely amazed at the problems they are having. I have owned 4 Wheel ATV's since 1985 and have never seen or heard of anything like they are experiencing.
I own a 700 and I do not jump it but I do ride it hard. It is equipped with 27 in mudlites.
My question is, how many of you folks who own a 700 have had problems with it? What were the problems.
The only thing I do not like about mine is the fuel gauge doesnt always read correctly.
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Just picked up my 700 EFI Cat this week. It is a more manuverable machine it seems then my 650 cat was . Maybe because of tire difference. Had 589's on 650 this one has the mudlights XL .Thats a good thing. Plenty of power,no more choking to start, so hope it will start when very cold will see. I would like for, I think it was topgun to post the parts he used to install the automatic reverse lights and give us a little details on brackets used, Placement and how he mounted the switches, etc. Mine came with back bumper so i can install them right on . I like the sound of this new Cat also. Also where they ran exhaust through and side covers a whole lot less heat transfering to leg from exhaust. Headlights bolt on instead of snap on . My 650 lights where falling out. My leg got hot from exhaust on 650. Just a few design differences i like so far. So far thumbs up to the new 700.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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